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Out of the mouth of babes........

Last night Melissa climbed up on the couch beside me and lay her head on me. Looking up she smiled and said "Hiiiiiii Dad" (*sigh* "dad"... I cannot get used to just being "dad") She looked up with a smile and thae following insued....
You love Missa, me, daddie?
Yes Melissa! Of course I do
*pat on the bum*
I love youuuuuuuu daddie. You love Tina daddiee? (Tina meaning my friend Christina)
Yes boo daddie loves Tina.
I love Tina daddieeeeee! Daddie? You love nanny and gramampy?
I love nanny and gramampy too daddie. Daddie?
You love mommy daddie?
(insert look of helplessness here and heartbreak)
Melissa..... Daddy and Mommy are friends, but Daddy doesn't love Mommy..... But we BOTH love you Booboo.
*odd look from little eyes*
Daddie. I love mommy. Mommy gone with grampy Wobbert Daddie.

I couldn't help the sick feeling in my stomach, Just the worst gutwrenching in a long long time. Melissa continued to lay on my leg and watch whaever cartoon we had on eventually falling asleep while I tried to not breakdown at the horrible knowledge I had just imparted to her. Mommy and Daddy don't love each other. She could have asked me anything..... anything but that.... the first in the line of questions sure to be asked in years to come.
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