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Been a while since last post.

How are all of you fellow single fathers doing? I'm getting by ok. Melissa is growing up so damn fast. She's been coming out with some funny things lately, not the least of which is her career choice. Now remember, she'll be 4 in March.

Melissa: Daddie I wanna be a Police.
Me: You want to be a Policeman?
Melissa: No daddie! a Police OFFICER. I'm a girl silly daddie.
Me: Uhhh oh hahahaha yep Police officer. Do you want to see a police officer and ask what they do?
Melissa: I know what a Police officer does daddie.... the get the bad people.
Me: Well yes. They do.
Melissa: And the help the good people.
Me: Yes.
Melissa: And they eat donoughts! Can we go to Tim Hortons Daddie? (Tim's is a Canadian National Coffe Chain, for all you Americans)

Here is a picture of her from the other night while she slept.

Her mother is non existant in her life now for almost a year and a half. Mary moved to the East Coast and besides a few phone calls, mostly by me, she has no contact. Melissa has mentioned to people that she doesn't have a mother anymore.... something I correct, but this kiddo knows the score. Mary has defaulted on summer visitation, and likely will on Christmas as well. She's two busy with her two spawns from the guy she ran off with. All the power to her. I love my daughter and she knows it. We go on hikes, park BBq's, Read stories, camping, ride bikes, and all sorts of fun things all the time when I am not working. She's informed me she would like to golf next year :-) Her bithday will see jr. golf clubs amongst other things! The other great interest Melissa has developed is reading. at exactly 3 1/2 years old she has read a story to her whole daycare class, and is actually working on book #3 with me at nights now. She shows good promise with computers to, having mastered both her Crayola program, and now working through her "airplane" program. She can almost take off without help hehehehe.

Anyway, it'd be nice to hear updates from folks. It's been a bit since we've conversed.
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