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the games she plays...

Hey guys. I notice this place has been silent for awhile. Well, my wife and I are separated. This week, I'm spending the most time away from my son who is 22 months - 5 straight days. I haven't been away from him that long - ever. Even when he was born, he had to stay in the hospital, and I would sleep on a chair.

Anyways. My wife decided to move in with her boyfriend, whom I found out about a month ago. I guess she decided he would provide for her better. At this point, he can have her, and all she's worth. However, what kills me to the core is being away from my son. Florida law is different from other states. Judges don't really look at how "bad" the other spouse was when considering custody. They look at the well being of the child. Honestly, I can't afford where I'm living with just my paycheck, so I'm moving. She's basically living rent free.

All this wouldn't bother me as bad, if... if she would let me see him when we had agreed. I'm waiting on the papers to be filed. Should be any day now. I just want this chaos to stop. I want her to be held accountable to someone when she decides to not let me see my son. I'm recording everything. I have dates, times, and the facts that happened on that event. She cancels. She cancels my time with my son, all the time.

When I have my son, I always answer my phone when she calls. I always let her talk to him. When I pick him up from daycare, I call her so she can talk to him. If I put him to bed and she hasn't called, yet, I call her so she can wish him goodnight.

I don't get the same courtousy. She'll put my calls into voice mail. She won't call if she puts him to bed early, so when I call sometimes at night, he's already in bed. She doesn't call me when she picks him up, or drops him off.

I can understand why she doesn't want to talk to me. I'm hurt. I'm pissed. I'm confused. But I don't talk about that stuff anymore. Sure, the first two weeks I would. But now? No. I really don't like talking to her. I just want to know how his day went, what he ate, if he learned any new words, what he's wearing. I'm the one that used to dress him in the morning. We used to sit on the couch and watch the Disney Channel. I'd put on his clothes, and then he'd sit in my lap while I put his shoes on. When I was done, he'd just sit there on my lap and finish watching the show till his mom was ready to go to work. After they left, I would get ready myself.

I miss that. I miss him.

I just can't understand why she plays the game she does.
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