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Well, I am somewhat new to LJ and having found this little community and reading a few I thought I might join and say hi.

To keep my story short I am 29 and a single father of 4 boys who range from 4 to 9. The divorce just finalized this last month but she has been gone for over a year now. The boys and I live in the Kansas City area and she lives in upstate NY so visitation is minimal. Most of the time it is simply a phone call a week, although she did get them over summer vacation this year.

Hoping to make new friends or just have some friends to blow off steam with occasionally. So if your intrested feel free to add me or contact me and what not.
Looking forward to it.

P.S. I can be a little bitter adn occasionally goofy or crazy in my thinking, between the four kids, loosing a nine year relationship so she could go play house with someone else and workign the graveyard shift I think my mind took an extended vacation somewhere.

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Wow, I've got custody of my three... Two boys and a girl. I'm not single anymore, having been remarried to a wonderful woman for exactly a year as of yesterday.

You certainly do sound as if you've got your hands full. Graveyard is hard enough. Raising a bushel of kids on your own... wow. Are you getting enough mental health time for yourself, too?
Not sure what you mean by mental health time ... but otherwise I think I am doing ok. I do have a little help obviously in the form of late night babysitting and I hacve a couple of good friends at work that I still talk with and what not (they turned me onto this sight). Mostly I just chill though and take care of the household things. All 4 of them are in school, even if the youngest only goes for half a day ... so I get a couple of hours with no cartoons or kiddo type shows and my eldest bless his heart helps out a lot. Congrats on the whole re-marriage thing ... it is always good to see someone come out on the other end.
By mental health time, I mean some time to yourself, to take care of your emotional and mental needs.
I totally understand the bitterness. I'm in the same boat, mine decided to go play house, too. I'm in the middle of fighting for custody and visitations. It just sucks when this isn't what you wanted.

I'm glad you have your boys. That makes me happy to see that.
Thanks for the support. I wish you well in your struggle concerning yours.
Congrats on getting the custody. From people I've talked to in the US it seems that can be difficult even when the mother is totally incompetent. (I've got custody of my two daughters, but I'm also in Canada.)

Your situation reminds me of mine, although I don't have as many kids. Until recently I was often working nights (worked at home doing tech support) and sleeping during the day while kids were at school. It can be a real strain to keep everything together.

My ex lives down in Washington state and we here from her a few times a year. She'll go for months without calling and then call several times for a couple weeks. But things have been much more stable since she's been gone, so really I don't mind the big breaks. ;p