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Buy that boy a set of bagpipes!!!

So last night Ogie had an early baseball game...a GREAT game. He had two out-of-the-park home runs. He crushed the ball...three runs on the first shot and a solo shot his second at bat.

So we here hanging out after the game and I took picutres of him stnading outside the ballfield holding up the balls he hit out (so show my parents and siblings how far they were) and teh coach of the other team comes up and tells him good job and asks if he told me his rap.

He starts rapping...

Aidan's my name
Baseball's my game
Who knows, maybe some day
I'll be in the Hall of Fame

I *LOVE* the confidence. The swagger. The impish little smile with lines three and four. But for God's sake, he's a lilly white Irish boy! Can we get the kid a set of bagpipes, or a tin whistle? Irish guys rapping is *SO* House of Pain.

Wait...I have that CD...he sings along to "jump around" when he can make out what they say....never mind....
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