c95d898a165bb652a559fec9a0e2f86a (ground_pilot) wrote in singledads,

...the sun is still there; it’s just hiding behind the clouds.

I love the truth that kids can bring into our lives.

Only as I began to realize my conclusion, however, did things slowly start to work themselves out. I was no longer the only one holding the truth up to the light, and all her hard cover-up work was being washed away by our reign of curiosity and frustration. As my father finally allowed himself to branch out, furthering his own horizons, his eyes opened to the world again, the warmth realization that the sun is still there; it’s just hiding behind the clouds.

It has been three months since my father, sister and I have lived with my old step mother. It was messy, and another close friend was implicated and used in her final steps to separation, as I had guessed would happen before. We are happily separated in the sense that we can now start again as the people we always wanted to be, but couldn't, stuck seeing through our own jaded eyes. Father still has much time to recover and pull his boat over the last swells; digesting everything will take him time, more, our understanding of her will still be muddled at best, but I believe it has been a crucial learning point for all in my family:

As always, there's more in my private posting to friends. The entire view from the point of reference from my teen daughter about my divorce and subsequent life, loss and resurrection/rebirth again.
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