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Well, I am somewhat new to LJ and having found this little community and reading a few I thought I might join and say hi.

To keep my story short I am 29 and a single father of 4 boys who range from 4 to 9. The divorce just finalized this last month but she has been gone for over a year now. The boys and I live in the Kansas City area and she lives in upstate NY so visitation is minimal. Most of the time it is simply a phone call a week, although she did get them over summer vacation this year.

Hoping to make new friends or just have some friends to blow off steam with occasionally. So if your intrested feel free to add me or contact me and what not.
Looking forward to it.

P.S. I can be a little bitter adn occasionally goofy or crazy in my thinking, between the four kids, loosing a nine year relationship so she could go play house with someone else and workign the graveyard shift I think my mind took an extended vacation somewhere.

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