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Disturbing trend

...My daughter has, of late, been crying out for her mother. Like "I want my mommmmmmmy" when she is tired and cranky and upset. Now, yes, this does hurt my feelings on a very superficial level---I may be underestimating her, but I don't think she has any substantive memories of her adoptive mother---but I wonder what stress in her life or what realizations in her live are causing her to act out and ask for her mom? She hasn't seen her mom in over a year, and the last time she spoke to her mother on the phone, the thought of speaking to her mother made her physically ill...I guess I want to help her. Every time she does ask for her mom, i tell ehr that he mom is not here and that daddy loves her and will take care of her and give her everythingshe needs...

(aside....once she burst into tears and said "Daddy, I need candy in my mouth!" Smart girl, that one.) this just a phase?
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